I do not collect phonecard but as a collector in general I often are offered these in exchange with other items.

If you collect these and want some of them for your collection, then please contact me ahead before.

Some of the phonecard I only have in 1 or few pieces...
Der er endnu ingen billeder i fotoalbummet.

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24.03 | 15:42

Hello Sjan,
Yes - I have more Pickwick for exchange.
Maybe you could send me an email using my private email.

24.03 | 13:30

Hello Flemming I like this teabags, have you more from Pickwick to exchange
Greetings Sjan Arts

06.10 | 18:12

Hello Klaziena,
Ok - very nice - and yes, of cause we can exchange teabags. Could we cont. using our private email -

06.10 | 12:16

Hello Flemming.
I should like to exchange with you.
I have some bags from Italie and can find bags in your doubles.

May I hear from you??

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